The Most Exquisite Interior Design Projects in Milan

One of the world’s important design capitals, this city lives up to its reputation. Here are our picks for the most exquisite interior design projects in Milan!

No matter if you are in the fashion world or the interior design industry, Milan is the birthplace of luxury design. Mid-Century Club has even curated a selection of the best Milan interior designers! Nevertheless, since actions speak louder than words, their interior designs are without a doubt worthy of a list of their own.

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Milan Apartment with a Classical Flair by Raimondo Garau

The Most Exquisite Interior Design Projects In Milan

Tamu McPherson’s family moved into the historic three-bedroom apartment in Milan several years ago, but her husband knew it well. There are wooden panels and mosaic floors. Nearly two decades before, his mother had purchased it as a way to reconnect with her two sons after their father passed away. As a result of its U-shaped configuration, mother and children had their own wings, giving the 20-somethings some independence. Once the kids were grown up, the Milan apartment proved too big for just the matriarch. She handed them the key when McPherson and her husband began searching for a larger house for themselves and their son.


Villa Italiana by Vincenzo de Cotiis

The Most Exquisite Interior Design Projects In Milan

When Vincenzo De Cotiis designed this home for the owners, they asked for one thing: privacy. This aspect of the design was critical because of the close proximity to their neighbours. With flamboyance, perfection, and multi-material details, the Italian designer has created a concrete abode that will completely captivate your attention.


Michele de Lucchi

The Most Exquisite Interior Design Projects In Milan

The ground level of this interior design project is located in the courtyard of a building dating from the early 20th century, which conforms to the traditional Milanese style of the time. Formerly a patisserie workshop, the apartment has exclusive access to the building’s courtyard. This luxury design is unquestionably anchored by the courtyard and its garden.


Apartment by Studio Peregalli in Milan

The Most Exquisite Interior Design Projects In Milan

One of the firm’s most exquisite interiors has been created by Studio Peregalli in the heart of Milan. Roberto Peregalli, a philosopher and interior designer as well as an architect, and Laura Sartori Rimini were the perfect team to renovate an apartment so rich in history. These wonderfully layered rooms were originally decorated in the 1950s by Renzo Mon­giar­dino, Studio Peregalli’s own maestro. Both Peregalli and Rimini worked under the tutelage of the legendary Italian decorator until his death in 1998.


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