The Graphic Designers You Must Follow on Instagram

Graphic design plays an important role in any brand’s communication, that can often make it or break it. Nowadays, many designers showcase their talents on social media. Today we present to you some of the top graphic designers you must follow on Instagram!

Graphic design allows you to communicate experiences and ideas through visual creations, that should capture your viewer’s attention. Being one of the pillars of digital marketing, graphic design must follow three rules: functionality, clear communication, and pleasing aesthetics. In this list you will find professionals that give you all of it and some more!

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Jessica Walsh

The Graphic Designers You Must Follow on Instagram

Taking clear inspiration from the mid-century era, Jessica Walsh is one of the most renowned graphic designers of today! Her work can be identified by her unique modern twist to the vintage times, due to the colorful palettes of her designs and her Instagram feed reflects just that. Recently launching her own firm, &Walsh, and Jessica is more than ready to continue her mission of conquer the world and helping others.


Steven Harrington

The Graphic Designers You Must Follow on Instagram

Based in “the city of angels”, Steven Harrington is most known for his engaging designs! The graphic designer is inspired by the multicultural Los Angeles and its amazing sceneries. Named “the leader of a contemporary Californian psychedelic-pop artist”, his iconic works can be characterized by their vivid colors and secret messages, meant to make the viewer think.


David Schwen

The Graphic Designers You Must Follow on Instagram

With a career of 18 years, David Schwen is not afraid to be audacious! The New York-based graphic designer is known for the combination of astounding animation and quotidian photography, creating a unique style that will definitely inspire you. Now working as the Senior Design Manager at Pepsico, his worldwide work has been making waves in the industry, and you can take a sneak peek of it on Instagram.


Lauren Hom

The Graphic Designers You Must Follow on Instagram

This Detroit graphic designer made a name for herself with her dazzling typographic works! Lauren Hom learned hand lettering during her Advertising course and turned her passionate hobby into a successful business. Having clients like Starbucks and Google, the influential designer knows how to work hard – her motto is “work hard, snack often.” Take a look at her Instagram feed and be as amazed as we were!


Lotta Nieminen

With a client list that includes names like Hermes and Vanity Fair, Lotta Nieminen is no stranger to graphic design! The Finnish graphic designer founded her own studio in New York, in 2012, and never looked back. Her designs are nature-inspired, tactile with bright color schemes, while showcasing her Finland upbringing.


Rachel Urquhart

The Graphic Designers You Must Follow on Instagram

Influenced by tarot and the bohemian style, Rachel Urquhart’s designs are one of a kind! The once journalist pursued a career as a graphic designer, and we couldn’t be gladder that she did it! Through pastel colors, dazzling concepts and a feminine style, this graphic designer’s creations have a place everywhere, and your Instagram feed should be one of them.


Annie Atkins

The Graphic Designers You Must Follow on Instagram

This graphic designer is a must on your Instagram follow list! With works featured in numerous movies, like Isle of Dogs and West Side Story, and TV shows, Annie Atkins is influenced by all historical sceneries. The influential designer has the power to make her viewers travel through her works, so much so that they’re one of the most shared on social media!


Violaine & Jérémy

The Graphic Designers You Must Follow on Instagram

Inspired by the artistic movement of the 19th century, but with a modern touch, Violaine and Jérémy are the duo of your graphic design dreams! Having their Paris-based multidisciplinary studio, named V&J, these graphic designers developed a style of their own. Timeless designs based on beauty and distinction, that what you can expect from their Instagram!


Dan Cassaro

The Graphic Designers You Must Follow on Instagram

Inspired by the 70s, this graphic designers’ reminiscing works are definitely worth the view! Dan Cassaro’s list of clients is certainly reflective of his talents, like ESPN, Rolling Stone and Levi’s. Founder of Young Jerks, a Brooklyn-based design practice, Dan Cassaro is keen on elevating his level of design with every single work!


Ryan Bosse

The Graphic Designers You Must Follow on Instagram

Need inspiration on old-fashioned designs with a modern touch? Ryan Bosse is the graphic designer for you! The designer, born and raised in Kansas, is now working at Stout Design in the city of San Francisco as the Design Director. Making himself known with fascinating graphics, you most definitely can keep expecting excellence from Ryan Bosse.


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