Mid-Century Home Sits On Glacial Valley

Architecture: Breathtaking Mid-Century Home Sits on Glacial Valley


Let’s end the year in the best way possible! We want to share with you a project signed by one of Architectural Digest’s top 100: Olson Kundig. This stunning mid-century home from Olson Kundig incorporates a rugged aesthetic with a relaxed Pacific Northwest spirit! Are you ready?


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This mid-century home, named Studhorse, is located in the remote Methow Valley, where the clients will be able to experience and engage with the natural landscape during all four seasons. This 20-acre site is tucked in the northern part of a 60-mile glacial valley, where buildings are positioned to view Studhorse Ridge and Pearrygin Lake in a carefully composed manner.

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A central courtyard and pool are surrounded by four small, unattached buildings, referring to the tradition of circling wagons. With the four buildings oriented toward the courtyard, the design is oriented toward entertaining and family life.

In the morning and at sundown, the pool faces the valley and greets us with its most breathtaking view. The designer carefully considered every aspect of this design to match the client’s desire to embrace nature and the surrounding environment.



See how wide the windows are here? They deepen the home’s connection with the outside by adding an air of warmth and vibrancy, don’t you agree?

There is a common pavilion area that includes the family room, kitchen, bar, and other common areas. Located in an adjacent building, we have the private rooms, such as the master bedroom, kids’ rooms, and den, offer more seclusion.

A nice bar is also featured in this amazing mid-century home, perfect to spend long summer evenings with your loved ones.

It is the opening walls at Studhorse that have got to be our favorite Studhorse secret! Do you know what we mean? Let us explain to you. Let it take your breath away…




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