Mediterranean Style Houses You Will Love

There’s no better luxury home than a Mediterranean style house! It’s full of refinement and has just the right amount of history. But what makes a Mediterranean house? Find out below!

It’s impossible not to think of the wonderful Spanish or Italian villas that make summers in Spain and Italy come to mind when we’re talking about Mediterranean style homes. The popularity of these homes originated with the boom of the tourism and leisure industry in the 1920s, when resorts began popping up across the country.

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The houses are a blend of Italian and Spanish architecture, and since they look like they are about to swelter in the summer, they are most common in places with warm temperatures and a clear Spanish influence, such as Florida or California. The architecture of Addison Mizner in Florida is known for its Mediterranean style features!



Elegant and simple, Mediterranean style houses blend the best of both worlds. Simple lines, warm woods, and a mix of outdoor and indoor living areas combine to create a timeless design that never goes out of style due to its suitability for warm weather or people who enjoy spending time outdoors. In general, these houses are also bright and airy. You can see how these elements work perfectly together in the house above.

The exterior of the house typically features a red-tiled roof, bricks, stone details, carved doors, and iron or metal work over windows and balconies. Although these are some of the most common elements, you can still find houses that have distinctive, original features.

Italian Renaissance

A distinctive feature of this style is its Italian Renaissance influence. Columns, rounded arches, and water features such as European-style gardens are all part of this style. Among Mediterranean style houses, it is certainly the most ornate, and houses are generally much bigger than the others!

Spanish Revival

It is the most simple of all styles, inspired by Spanish colonial architecture! These structures are most common along Florida and California’s coastlines because they have clean lines, metalwork, and low-pitch roofs.

Modern Mediterranean

Typically, this style combines the traditional elements of Mediterranean style with modern elements. In these types of homes, you’ll find the perfect harmony between outdoor and indoor living areas, as well as open floor plans and bright rooms. This style also brings Spanish and Italian elements into play!

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