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The Mid-Century Club is all about showing you the most luxurious and outstanding mid-century designs! Today in our #ShoppingWith let’s take a tour into this Premier Living Room, see all about the inspirations and pieces available!

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Luxury Living Room by Mid-Century Club

How not to be stargazed by this unique and mesmerizing living room! There’s always a way to incorporate luxury details in any era, and this is the premier living room that shows us how the mid-century luxury world works.

With unique marble floors and luxurious wall panels, this room design is definitely the goal for a luxury, extravagant environment with mid-century designs!


Nothing like taking a close look at every design in the room to understand the mix and match of inspirations from this era.

Fitzgeral Sofa_MCC

Fitzgerald Sofa

Rounded and oversized, with a low backrest and a strong structure, Fitzgerald is the modular sofa of your dreams. Inspired by the shapes of Italian architecture, this piece proves art and interior design come together once you have the right eye for it.

Presented in the environment above with grey tones and its ottoman in rose shades, makes it a usual color choice for a luxury environment, but that definitely works out perfectly!

Luhrmann Center Table_MCC

Luhrmann Center Table

Wonderful retro style and strong luxurious presence, the Luhrmann Center Table is the perfect statement piece for your living room or lounge space. With an inspiring strong look, this outstanding piece brings a beautiful modern approach to the entire look!

Perfectly designed to offer you design and style, accompanied with a practical structure, this piece is the go-to choice when you want luxury and practicality together.

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Hanna Chandelier_MCC

Hanna Chandelier

Hanna, a luxurious chandelier that will add the final glamorous touches to any room decor. This exquisite suspension lamp is the perfect lighting option to complement private and premier environments.

With beautifully placed pendant lights, forming a light staircase, this design will be the center stage of your next interior design project!

Neil Wall_MCC

Neil Wall Lamp

A superb piece of remembrance of the retro-style designs, Neil has a modern and glamorous look to it. Its elegance and the fluidity of its shape blend perfectly into a modern home design or in a hospitality design project.
A modern retro wall sconce, this mid-century-inspired wall light adds the innovation touch with its two soft round shapes that allow soft, elegant casts of light into any room.

Hanna Floor Lamp

Hanna Floor Lamp reports to a classical ambiance, back to art deco, evoking a powerful mid-century luxurious design. Its flexible lamp shades allow you to spread the light anywhere you want it to be, creating the perfect mood in every room.

Matching with the chandelier, it’s the most mesmerizing choice to complete the look of this room!

Mix these unique designs with luxurious and premier decor and you’ll have an amazing and outstanding premier living room design! Nothing like strong and powerful marble floors to hold it all together and mesmerize every guest!

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