How To Have a Modern and Luxurious Kitchen

Kitchens, one of the most important spaces in a home! Created with one purpose: cooking, but with so many meanings for a lot of people. Whether to spend time with family and friends or just simply enjoy a good time while cooking, kitchens are a crucial part of our daily life! Do you desire a modern and luxurious kitchen at home? Let us tell you how you can do it!

1. Make it BOLD!

If you like bolder choices, then this is definitely for you. A strong choice of floor tiles and wood can make or break an environment. You need to be very careful when choosing the finishes of your project. Ideas like black marble combined with walnut wood are definitely a popular way to elevate your kitchen design.

By using bold finishes, the rest of the furniture and decor elevates to the same level, just by being in that specific environment.

How To Make Your Kitchen Luxurious and Modern

2. Bring out the Lights!

A room can never be the same when added an outstanding set of lights! Whether it is suspension, pendants, or wall lamps, lighting fixtures can bring a night to day change to your ambiance and make it a luxurious kitchen!

If you have an island on your kitchen, take advantage of it and make it stand out with a custom unique lighting design. Light up your kitchen decor!

How to Decorate a kitchen?

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3. Gold’s the Way!

Decor, furniture, paintings, flowers, anything can be gold nowadays! If your kitchen is simple and clear nothing like adding touches of gold to make it shine.

To start easy you can use little accents like a decorative gold leaf, a jar, or utensils. But if you want to stand out, be bolder and apply gold plated bar chairs, gold doorknobs, or faucets. Play with the design and create the perfect atmosphere for you and your family!

Home Kitchen Ideas

4. Texture is your friend!

What better way to elevate any room than adding different textures to it. Living rooms are usually commonplace for that to happen: the textile from the sofa, the wood from the furniture, the lines from the curtains, plants, stone, you can find it all.

But the truth is, this technique can be easily added to any room, you just need to be smart with it. Bring out different types of textiles in the chairs and curtains. Make the wood and marble differences stand out, add some decor with different lines and you’ll find yourself surrounded by a luxurious environment!

5. Classy Classic

It’s uncommon to hear this term: classy classic, but this is the perfect definition of a timeless luxurious environment. Straight lines, strong accents, minimal and meaningful decor and you’ll have a classic but modern looking kitchen!

Luxury Kitchen Design

It’s very easy to create and adapt in your kitchen, the most important thing is to be creative and not afraid to explore the world of interior design! But if you’re having trouble finding the perfect balance we can help you!

Our ID Service is the perfect tool for you to change your space into a luxurious kitchen. Have a meeting with one of our interior designers and discover the perfect solution for your home makeover!

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