Get To Know The Most Famous Artists Of All Time

To understand art is to understand the artist and their unique interpretation.

Art is one of the most beautiful forms of expression, affirming powerful statements through beautiful paintings. With that said, the most famous artists stand against the test of time, impressing older and younger generations. Today we bring a list of the most famous artists of all time!

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Frida Kahlo

Most Famous Artists Of All Time

Frida Kahlo is still very much influential in the current times! Known as one of the most iconic contributors to the feminist movement, the Mexican artist is also famous for her numerous self-portraits, in which she always included visible interpretations of physical and mental injuries. Always embodying her Mexican cultural heritage in her paintings, her constructed persona was an escape from her vulnerabilities due to her challenging life – from a life-changing injury in her teenage years to a hectic marriage to artist Diego Rivera.


Claude Monet

Most Famous Artists Of All Time

Known as one of the most important artists of the Impressionism movement, Monet’s main focus was on capturing quotidian scenes in the open air. Claude Monet was able to transcribe the various lighting differences through subtle brushstrokes and the use of bright color shades, a characteristic for which the artist became famous.



Most Famous Artists Of All Time

Michelangelo has, truly, done it all! The Renaissance artist is known for his timeless paintings, unbelievable sculptures, breathtaking buildings, and emotional poetry. The paintings on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel are still, to this day, some of the most incredible works of art that so many of us wish to be able to experience in real life.


Leonardo da Vinci

Most Famous Artists Of All Time

Being one of the most famous artists of all time, Leonardo da Vinci is the Renaissance genius. Mona Lisa is, still, the most famous painting in the world, where, at the Louvre, every single day thousands of people line up to see it up close. Not only were the artist’s paintings works of the future, but also his technological inventions, such as the early designs of the automobile and the aircraft.


Vincent Van Gogh

Most Famous Artists Of All Time

Vincent Van Gogh was one of the most important post-Impressionist artists. His works were only recognized for their greatness after his death, being sold for astounding values in auctions. The artist, although not sound of mind due to his psychological instability, was able to produce dreamy works with his unique technique, where he would squeeze the most evocative colors right of the tube straight into the canvas and work through them with thick brushstrokes.


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