Exquisite Exhibitions for You To See This Summer

This summer the best activity you could do is visit art galleries and museums with amazing exhibitions. Today, we selected a few of the best for you to enjoy!

Design exhibitions are some of the most interesting and most interactive that you could visit. Museums and Art Galleries are some of the spaces you must visit during your free time this summer, in order to cultivate your brain and enjoy your leisure time in a different way other than strolls by the beach. Get ready to meet mesmerizing exhibitions and feel the need to see them in person!

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“Art+Nature+Home” at Foreland in Catskill, New York

Exquisite Exhibitions for You To See This Summer

With stunning furniture pieces and singular sculptures made from high-quality materials such as clay, wood and stone, “ART+NATURE+HOME” is an exhibition in New York that you really need to take a tour of. Featuring remarkable works from artists like Chris Lehrecke’s and John-Paul Philippe, these pieces are full of history that you need to uncover.


“Charlotte Perriand: The Modern Life” at the Design Museum in London

Exquisite Exhibitions for You To See This Summer

In search of great yet functional design, Charlotte Perriand made herself one of the pioneers of French architecture and design! This London-based exhibition has the ultimate goal of presenting her unique and international works, showcasing her incredible pieces of furniture, inserting them in multiple recreations of the original interiors.


“Samantha Bittman & Chris Beeston” at Patrick Parrish Gallery in New York

Exquisite Exhibitions for You To See This Summer

As a symbol of luxury comfort, Chris Beeston’s lamps are exhibited at the Patrick Parrish Gallery! But not alone, they’re paired greatly with the amazing paintings by Samantha Bittman, as she illustrates her canvases with incredible geometric patterns.


“In Good Company” at Liaigre in New York

Exquisite Exhibitions for You To See This Summer

If you want to view the true celebration of mother nature and its symbiose with humanity, then this is the exhibition you need to take a tour of! By Nina Johnson, a Miami curator and artist, this mixture of sculpture, painting and mixed medias from artists such as Emmett Moore, Anna Betbeze, Jonathan Rajweski and Martine Barrat is worthy of your leisure time.


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