Discover our Top 5 Luxurious Decor Ideas

Luxurious home decor is a very popular topic! Despite being a subject talked about all around the world, the Club brings you the Top 5 Luxurious Decor Ideas, all displayed in unique and outstanding mood boards. Keep reading to discover more!

Peaceful Luxury

Are you looking for a calmer, softer approach to luxury decor? If so, this category is perfect for you! With soft but strong tones and shades, this mood board is the perfect inspiration for your next home project!

Soft Colors Home Decor Ideas

Pink, ivory, rose, or white tones! This type of decor brings luxury in, with a softer and sophisticated approach to your home decor, without having to pull out the darker or metallic tones! See how you can implement it.

Discover our Top 5 Luxurious Decor Ideas

Royal Blue

Blue is definitely an outstanding color to make your home look luxurious! Mix royal blue with gold accents and you’ll make your interior decor luxurious, but colorful at the same time!

Discover our Top 5 Luxurious Decor Ideas

This color combination is very popular nowadays because it can offer you the best of both worlds, with unique and outstanding details. A very good idea is to incorporate marble in the decor, with a table or a sculpture, just like our Vinicius Side Table in the image!

Blue and Yellow Decor

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Green Love

How can you not make your room stand out when using an accent green wall? Or a big and comfortable green sofa! The choices are endless and the inspirations too!

Discover our Top 5 Luxurious Decor Ideas

Despite not being a very famous color in the decor world, green is actually a good and safe bet when you want to incorporate a luxury taste into your room, especially when you combine it with black or gold accents!

Discover our Top 5 Luxurious Decor Ideas

Orange Explosion

A strong, bold choice for your home decor but that will definitely bring fun to a luxurious interior design! To try it, you can simply add a pop of orange in wall art, a chair, pillows, or if you want to be bolder, why not an orange sofa?

Discover our Top 5 Luxurious Decor Ideas

Perfectly mixed with black details you can make the orange the next top luxury color! There’s nothing to be afraid of when it comes to experience new ways of taking your home to the next level!

Discover our Top 5 Luxurious Decor Ideas

Exquisite Red

Red is a bold, bold, BOLD choice for home decor! But, when it’s applied correctly, it can offer an intimate, sexy, and all-around pleasant space!

Discover our Top 5 Luxurious Decor Ideas

To achieve a darker look, mix black in the decor or furniture! That way you’ll find a good way to balance these two strong and statement colors in the interior design world!

Discover our Top 5 Luxurious Decor Ideas

Very different looks, inspirations, and ideas for your next project! The key to achieving luxurious decor is definitely: balance! Don’t mix too many colors and textures, keep it simple and classy, and if you want the extra fun factor, adding color might be the best option for you!

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